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DC 6150 Cable Coating is a non-halogenated, asbestos-free, non-toxic, flexible, ablative fire retardant cable coating designed to prevent the propa- gation of fire along plastic jacketed electrical cables. DC 6150 Cable Coating is FM Approved and tested to ensure it can withstand extreme conditions such as freeze/thaw cycles and salt water immersion. This testing also ensures that the protective coating does not de-rate the cables current car- rying capacity. DC 6150 Cable Coating is a water based latex and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.


• Color: White
• Odor: Mild Latex
• Gloss Level: Matt
• Specific Gravity: 1.55 ± 0.1
• Solids by Weight: 70~76%
• pH Value: 6 ~ 8
• VOC’s: 28 g/L
• Dry to Touch: 2 ~ 4 hours
• Dry Through: 2 ~ 4 days (Depending on ambient conditions)
• Application: Airless spray, brush or roller
• In-Service Temp: -13° F – 176° F (-25° C – 80° C)
• Typical Thickness: 1000 microns WFT (39.5 mils) equivalent to 640 microns DFT (25 mils)
• Packaging: 25Kg/pail
• Shelf life: 12 months

Technical Data

A lightweight pre-mixed gypsum based Firestop Compound in white dry powder form, readily mixed with water on site to produce a plaster like material for seal around service penetrations. The firestop compound is fast drying, economical with the highest yield per pound means lower installed cost. The firestop compound has a wide range of application, that includes aluminium cable tray, medium to large opening through common constructions, loose cable for power, voice, data, bus ducts and multiple metallic conduits and tubing. It is available in white or red colour. It also quick setting and easy to apply reduce the cost and time-consuming.

Test Standards:

  • BS476 Pt 20:1987 up to 4 hours


  • Colour : White Or Red.
  • Shelf Life : ±12 months store at 5°C to 30°C.
  • Compressive Strength : 6.5N/mm² to BS EN 12390-3:2002.
  • Density : 1120Kg/m³ to BS EN 12390-7:2002.


  • Medium to large opening through common constructions.
  • Loose cable for power, voice, data cable.
  • Single or multiple cable trays for power, voice and data.
  • Bus ducts.
  • Multiple metallic conduit & tubing.
  • Multiple, mixed penetrants of all types.


Our Firestop Panels are manufactured by spraying high-density rockwool with a fire-rated ablative coating. The coated batts are simply cut and friction fitted between the services and the edges of the structure. The fire rated coating is used as an adhesive to bond sections of batt together into a barrier and to the surrounding structure. All joins in the batt are pointed in with FirePro Acoustic intumescent Selant to form a monolithic layer. The ablative coated batt comes in 6 pieces per pack. *Plastic pipework would be needed to be sleeved with the FirePro Firestop Pipe Collars prior to installation of the FirePro Ablative Coated Batt. These must be mechanically fixed with steel angles, minimum 30mm x 30 mm x 1.6mm, or similar to the surrounding substrate.


  • Up to 4 hours of fire rating.
  • Simple installation.
  • Lightweight.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Tested to Rw 57.
  • Resist the passage of smoke.
  • Suitable to make good around most types of
    servce penetrations.

*Services do not achieve insulation
Minimum thickness of masonry wall – 100 mm
Minimum thickness of concrete floor – 150 mm
Minimum thickness of gypsum wall – 100 mm